What Happened To Winter Grae?

Winter Grae on the beach

The on going internet story of the century is all about the celebrity Winter Grae. What exactly happened to her? The police do not have a clue and refuse to discuss the case. The Federal Bureau of Investigation was tasked to look into the case at the request of the Governor. The world has gone crazy for any information about the internet celebrity and her horrible fate. A senate hearing on crime specifically asked for a report from the FBI and was met with the official response of no information can be released on an on-going investigation. This has angered members of the Senate who promised to release some detail to their constitutes in their home districts. The popularity of the child actress Winter Grae had wained, and she was about to disappear until her mysterous behavior in internet videos started an underground fan base. Groups of paranormal enthusiasts would comb frame by frame through her videos to catch what they called strange shadow creatures, and strange occurrences . Even Winter seemed to confirm these events after a time with her tales of sleep paralysis and a stranger visiting her bedside. Her critics wrote these events off as her final grasps for notoriety as she slipped further into main stream obscurity. Eventually when her boyfriend released a sex tape and sold it for cash, it ruined any chance she had at regaining her family oriented television crown. All potential tv show projects then rejected her for any family themed television series being planned. Winter’s claim to fame was her rated G image as a child actor, and now that was ruined by her longtime boyfriend. An ongoing legal battle to keep the sex tape from being released became a dirt slinging madhouse that provided the rumor mags with plenty of stories of sex, drugs, and indecency. Those story may have kept her from gainful employment as an actor, but provided her with a new audience on the internet. The worse the rumors the greater her internet noteriety became. Internet trolls claimed that she took advantage of these rumors and began to pretend to be this drug and sex crazed character on her video channels. Financial problems became worse as the court drama continued, so Winter and her manager created regular pay per view streaming events where fans paid to have access to her 24 hours a day. She became known as the internet celebrity without walls since fans could watch her day and night, sleeping, eating, bathing, and reading books quietly in her comfy chair. Many fans felt like she was so approachable and lovable that they start buying every Winter Grae branded item they could find. Winter was able to turn this new found fame into a fortune. Unfortunately it appears Winter never spent any of her new fortune since that fateful weekend in a hotel room with what some say was a paranormal entity. Others suggest it was simply a stalker that might have killed her. The lack of evidence in the case made the internet conspiracy engine go into overdrive, cranking out theories about the FBI hiding evidence from the public. Many fans claim that the video footage shows multiple paranormal events taking place during the live broadcast, but the FBI has confiscated all the original copies and hard drives from the ISP hosting the web event. We may never know what truly happened to Winter Grae.


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  1. What a load of bull crap! This is what passes for journalisim these days? Winter was a crack whore and she got what she deserved! I hope all her shitty fans go burn in hell. She was a awful actor, and even worse person, so who gives a crap what happened to her?

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