Sharp Increase in Strange Homicides

A recent crime study has shown a sharp and drastic rise in strange and mystifying homicides around the world. Dozens of unsolved murders occurring monthly for the last several years have eerily similar statistics. Most occurred while the victims were surfing the internet on computers, or smart devices when they were murdered. According to the new study, thirty percent of victims had their heart removed, while forty two percent of the victims were found dismembered using an undisclosed method. The other victims had met their horrible deaths in equally strange circumstances like broken necks, and loss of blood due to deep lacerations all over their bodies. In almost every one of the cases specified by the study, the victims were found murdered in locked rooms or domiciles. In thirty percent of these cases the alarm system was found to be active and on when their bodies were discovered. Various law enforcement agencies have simply no explanation for the murders, while many feel unofficially they could be the work of a serial killer cult.



2 Comments on "Sharp Increase in Strange Homicides"

  1. cultlife4ever | January 2, 2015 at 1:45 pm | Reply

    Somebody is messing with the occult for fun and caused this. The occult has some very powerful attractions that also bring you into the view of entities that do this type of thing! Ancient beings that people thought were gods would dismember the humans that were offered to them for sacrifice. Leave the supernatural realm to us pros!

  2. FelineLover42 | January 3, 2015 at 6:38 am | Reply

    My friend Lisa died this way, somebody tore out her heart in front of her computer with her dorm room door locked. The police should tell us something about her murder too. She didn’t do this to herself so somebody got into her room through the window or something. If Lisa was an important person there would be a manhunt for this person!

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