Protest Organizer Murdered

Victim Headshot

The recent murder and dismemberment of Diedre Hall, (a well known and outspoken internet fan of Winter Grae) has sparked outrage online, as internet users worldwide see this as an example of ineffective law enforcement. Local police have no leads in the case. An information release from the police department stated that Diedre’s doors and windows were locked from the inside. No evidence of forced entry was found. She had been organizing protests in front of various Police stations and FBI field offices across the country. She is quoted as saying that the Law Enforcement community was hiding the facts in Winter Grae’s case. Known online as diedre69, she is noted as Winter’s loudest and number one fan. Dieter’s stalker like web videos gave her street cred with Winter fans, and a platform from which to speak to the growing Winter Grae fan base. The outpouring of support from Winter Fans for Diedre’s family has swamped the social networks with calls to continue protesting Law Enforcement facilities until Winter’s and Diedre’s cases are solved. Many are posting that it sounds like there is a conspiracy to hide the truth in both cases.


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