News Crew Found Dead

Wendy_Headshot_smThe News 77 entertainment news crew found murdered during the summer is still considered an unsolved crime. Apparently the entertainment team was shooting a web report from the empty apartment of the actress Winter Grae. Police were called to the scene by a neighbor who witnessed a man running from the apartment screaming. Law enforcement found multiple victims at the apartment building. The on air talent Wendy Starstruck was found naked, hanging from a noose in a closet, with her heart removed. Police spokesperson Cindy Rodriguez refuses to release the exact details of her death. Wendy’s cameraman was found dead in the stairwell with his neck broken. A young female named Linda Wu was discovered in the bathroom with her heart removed. Police did arrest a documentary filmmaker named Gregory Voss who was identified running and screaming from the apartment. Gregory claims he did not commit any crimes and his documentary will prove his innocence, unfortunately he has not been able to find any copies of it. He stated the FBI has stolen all his hard drives to prevent the truth from being exposed to the public. The FBI had no comment when asked about this allegation. The DA’s office has promised to prosecute the parties responsible for releasing the nude autopsy photos of the reporter Wendy Starstruck on the internet. It is rumored that her gruesome images are in the top 5 most popular female autopsy photos of all time on the net.


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