Man Claims FBI Stole Movie

Gregory VossAn independent documentary filmmaker named Gregory Voss has claimed that the Federal Bureau of Investigation illegally stole all copies of his film to keep him from distributing it. You may have heard of Gregory since he was the person arrested after leaving a crime scene screaming. The crime scene was that of Wendy Starstruck, entertainment reporter and Linda Wu, Gregory’s camera person. Also found at the scene was Wendy’s cameraman, who had a broken neck. Gregory has been claiming he was at the crime scene to film a documentary about actress Winter Grae, but has yet to provide any footage to prove it. The family’s of both Wendy and Linda have been putting pressure on the DA’s office to file charges against him for their murder. The District Attorneys office has declined to comment o the case. Gregory has claimed that the FBI confiscated his hard drives and all other digital copies of footage he and Linda shot for their documentary. Linda Wu’s family doesn’t believe Linda was collaborating with Gregory on the documentary, but they do think he was stalking her. The FBI continues to not comment to any questions about the Winter Grae case, and any involvement  of Gregory Voss in the death of any others.


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  1. This guy is making all the conspiracy crap up. No one ever saw any of his stupid movie. He’s the psycho who killed the news crew and that pretty girl Linda. They should fry his ass in the electric chair!

  2. Shut up, you don’t know he did it. Remember we have laws in this country and he’s innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. People like you make me sick, jumping to conclusions like that.

  3. lovewinter4ever | September 7, 2014 at 1:06 am | Reply

    I use to watch all of Wendy’s reports, but she was a bitch to Winter so I stopped. Glad Wendy’s dead, she didn’t have a heart so I am not sure how anyone could have killed her. Wendy was not a nice person, and Gregory doesn’t look tough enough to take her out.

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