Hacktivists Releasing Leaked Videos

Hackivists Observers of TruthThe hacktivist group known as Observers of Truth (aka OFP) have announced that they have obtained a treasure trove of leaked video. The large collection of videos will be released on multiple servers in various countries to prevent them from being deleted. The group has been very secretive about what is in the videos, but did state that they will provide insight on multiple high profile cases. Already the internet community has been theorizing the potential cases they are referencing, and the Winter Grae case is at the top of the list. Winter was a strong supporter of free speech and transparency, and attended many rallies to support the causes. The hacktivist group OFP has been very vocal about demanding the government release what information they have about the Winter Grae case to the public. If this is indeed the information everyone has been waiting to see, then this will make international headlines.


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