Bikini Model Missing


A well liked amateur bikini model named Eva Chang has been reported missing by one of her co-workers at the FBI Forensics Lab. She was last seen while teaching a video forensics class online to FBI employees all across the country. The FBI has declined to comment on the missing person case other than to state that they feel it has nothing to do with her job at the lab, but that it most likely is related to her previously unknown job as a bikini model. Eva’s friends have stated that this is not true, and she went to work but never was seen again. A badly mutilated nude body of a asian female matching Eva’s description was found in a field near the FBI lab facility, but the body was lost while in the county morgue. Morgue officials suggested that the Jane Doe may have been released to a mortuary by mistake and never returned. Family and friends has expressed outrage at the situation, since they feel like this could have been Eva’s body. Without the body the case is now in limbo since she is still classified as missing. Rumors on the internet suggest she was working on the Winter Grae case reviewing video evidence, but the FBI has denounced that as tabloid garbage since they are not looking into the case of the internet celebrity.


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  1. Oh man I hired Eva one time for a photoshoot, she was so nice and beautiful. The thought that someone did horrible things to her makes me sick! What is this world coming to. I blame all the horror movies for this. They should be rated x so most people can’t see them. Those movies put ideas in peoples heads.

  2. Sincity_travelblog | December 6, 2014 at 3:41 pm | Reply

    Maybe you did killed Eva you creepy photog. I saw all those half naked images you posted on your photo blog of her. Have some decency and take them down you perverted scum! Her family doesn’t want to see them when they search for her online.

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